Service, Maintenance & Repair

Part of an award-winning fleet management service

Get the right attention at the right time to keep your fleet on the road, your services available, and to minimise vehicle off road time. No matter how complex your needs, we can tailor an SMR programme from a simply outstanding network of garages and mobile services to give you a smooth-running service. It’s a ‘one-stop-shop’ service that makes life simpler for you, as you can get everything done at once from one supplier with proven processes and one high standard for total peace of mind.

Everything you need in a fleet SMR programme

  • Consistency – whichever Rivus garages you use around the UK, you’ll get work to one high standard to keep your vehicles on the road. Find your nearest Rivus garage.
  • A fast response – you don’t have to wait for those urgent repairs, as shift working and some garages being open around the clock gives us more capacity to work on your vehicles.
  • High standards – guaranteed. From garages with a full complement of well-maintained equipment and work carried out by qualified technicians, operating to OEM manuals.
  • Convenience – no need for repeat visits or using different suppliers – we can handle a vehicle’s service, maintenance and repair needs in one go if required.
  • Flexibility – perhaps it isn’t always convenient to get your vehicles to a garage? No problem – our mobile technicians will come to you.

Minimise your Vehicle off Road (VoR) time

We understand that minimising VoR time is one of the biggest challenges you face, with all the potential consequences on cost and service – especially when it’s vital to achieve minimum disruption for critical services. We’ll get your vehicles back on the road fast. We’ve proved time and again how we help customers minimise VoR time through the service levels we provide. We saved one customer over £4m in VoR time, because we can get critical vehicles back on the road quicker than franchise dealers.

Here’s how our Fleet Repair and Maintenance Services can help you:

  • Smart planning to match your individual requirements with service planning from the outset
  • Combining jobs with and estimated completion date always provided
  • Real-time tracking of vehicles from arrival at the garage through to completion
  • Strategic parts stocking and warranty status from leading manufacturers

We won’t let you down

We understand that reliability in your fleet partner is everything. You need to be sure that your vehicles get to their destinations safely and on time. Our customers have confidence in us because, time after time, we’ve proved ourselves and our systems to be totally dedicated to keeping your vehicles on the road. Get in touch to learn more about the tailored SMR service we can offer you.