Mobile Support

The most convenient way to keep your vehicles moving

The Rivus mobile service provides a range of services that are so broad, it’s as close as you’ll get to having a full garage service on your doorstep. Our mobile technicians are based across the UK and are highly experienced in all vehicle makes and models (cars and vans) –  providing on-site maintenance for your vehicles and trailers.

With a specialist knowledge of the vehicles you use, accredited standards of service and unparalleled access to parts and equipment from leading suppliers, it’s the most convenient way to reduce vehicle downtime and keep you on the move.

On-site clinics can also be provided at your major outstations, which means less downtime for your people and your fleet. With Rivus, you can be confident that quality isn’t be compromised for having such a convenient service.

Our Mobile Fleet Support team has it covered

  • Servicing of vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes, including cars, trailers, light commercials
  • Scheduling and Inspection of PSV / Section 19 Minibus fleets
  • MOT preparation and testing class IV, V, VII
  • Vehicle diagnostics and repair
  • Bolt-on repairs, including lamp units and mirrors
  • On site vehicle clinics
  • On-board power servicing and repairs
  • 110v / 240v testing

Full flexibility with our Mobile Vehicle Technicians

It isn’t always convenient to get your vehicle to your nearest Rivus garage which is why our mobile vehicle support services are so popular, our specialist mobile technicians will come to you if you’re in need of support.

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