Competitive rates and a seamless service

When you choose a finance solution as part of your Rivus Fleet Management service, it joins up seamlessly with everything else you select and gives you the competitive rates you’re looking for. We’re backed by a large UK banking panel that provides us with access to funds at competitive rates and allows us to smooth out fluctuations in the market. Give us a try to see how well we compare.

  • Choose from a range of options – our experts can help find the best funding option to meet your requirements.
  • Make great savings – we can help by separating vehicle finance from your maintenance budget.
  • Get advice on affordable funding – we can assess whether it’s best to buy vehicles outright or rent them based on your needs.

So, what are your fleet leasing options?

You can select from two leasing options, allowing you to flex between them based on the vehicle’s role and your business needs.

Operating lease (contract hire)

  • Fixed monthly rentals based on an agreed term and mileage
  • VAT reclaim options depending on use
  • No vehicle depreciation worries or risks of ownership
  • Opportunity to amend rentals if planned mileage changes
  • Can release capital for investment elsewhere
  • Flexible contract terms of 24 months, maximum 60 months
  • Maximum mileage of 150,000
  • Damage and mileage restrictions apply

Our leasing options are ideally suited to companies with fleets greater than 100 vehicles who would also use our other services such as servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Finance lease

  • Fixed monthly rentals
  • VAT reclaim options depending on use
  • Final balloon payment to reduce monthly cost
  • Option to extend into a secondary lease period paying a peppercorn rental
  • You benefit from profit in the sale proceeds
  • Flexible contract terms of 24 months, maximum 60 months
  • Maximum mileage of 150,000
  • No damage and mileage restrictions but will impact on sale price

Add maintenance packages too

Choose the right solution for each vehicle:

Fixed price:

  • Can cover servicing, replacement parts, tyres and breakdown
  • Term and mileage based
  • You know exactly what you’re going to pay, fixed price per vehicle

Suited to:

  • Standard vehicles
  • Vehicles with known annual mileages

Pay as you go:

  • Variable pricing we can help advise you on
  • No term or mileage restrictions
  • Flexibility to proactively maintain to minimise vehicle downtime

Suited to:

  • Specialist and business-critical vehicles
  • Vehicles that are used off-road
  • Vehicles with unknown mileages

For more information on Leasing, view the Commercial Vehicle Leasing brochure here.

How can we help?

Discuss the leasing options that are available to you. Get in touch today to speak to a member of our specialist team.