Driver Risk Management

The data to help you make better decisions

Compliance, operator licence (O licence) requirements, legal considerations, duty of care…these are the things our customers tell us keep them up at night. We’ve designed our service to help you minimise risks at every stage, to give you real peace of mind, meet your duty of care and protect your people, your fleet and your brand reputation. Here’s how:


Steer your drivers in the right direction

If your drivers don’t know they’re performing badly, they can’t do anything about it. But you can. Use our driver training and risk assessment service to help cut the number of accidents, slash the cost of repairs and bring down the cost of renting replacement vehicles:

  • Risk profiling solutions. Using information obtained from driver surveys, licence checking, incident data and telematics, we’ll allocate a risk score to each of your drivers. Profiling drivers will help you to identify high-risk individuals in your fleet.
  • Targeted e-learning modules. These are designed to support you by addressing driver risk and are assigned in line with your company policy. Driver intervention and coaching events are also recorded within the risk system, tracking changing behaviours over time.

Support your drivers

Make sure your drivers know what to do and who to call if there’s a problem. We can produce driver cards with details of all the key contact numbers. We can also manage and store driver handbooks digitally, so they can access them whenever they need to.


  • Track your team. Know where every vehicle in your fleet is at any time. This makes it easier to trace and recover stolen vehicles, and you can even monitor drivers’ behaviour and plan a training programme to encourage safer and more efficient driving.
  • O licence management. We can work closely with you to manage and ensure compliance with all of your O licence requirements, from carrying out tachograph checks to making sure your fleet’s in good health with our mobile daily check app and defect reporting programmes.

Compliance and administration

  • Stay within the law. You always need to prove that your fleet is fully compliant from both a legal and duty of care point of view. We’ll check your drivers’ licences and let you know if any of your people get points added to their licence.
  • Stop penalties from piling up. Parking fines and congestion charges soon add up, and late payments could mean you end up spending even more. Our team can handle the entire process. We make sure payments are made on time, deal with appeals, invoice individual drivers and talk to the charging authorities.

Driver Risk Management Solutions – Can we help?

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