Because you MUST provide a solution, so do we

We recognise that, whether you’re working to keep the power on, the water flowing or people connected, the challenges facing your fleet are always pressing. Here’s how we can help:

  • Making sure your vehicles are available and equipment is reliable
  • Designing them for the specialist needs of your industry
  • Safeguarding employees

Our fleet management services are used by leading utilities suppliers around the UK, including National Grid, Cadent, UK Power Networks and E.ON.

The right vehicle for the job

Because you have to act fast, our services are set up to do the same. From digging up roads to responding to emergency repairs, we’ll help you create a high-performing fleet that does all the jobs it needs to. You can have it kitted out cost effectively, whether that’s with new generators or lifting equipment. With Rivus, you’ll have one source for your plant and ancillaries as well as equipment for trailers. You’ll also have the back up of servicing, maintenance, repairs and testing for it all, including LOLER testing.

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Helping you take performance up and drive costs down

Looking at fuel efficiency across your fleet for the whole term of ownership, including any degradation to performance over time.

We understand the key services you need and the fleet management solution that will provide you with real benefits – which can even be for less than the cost of doing it in-house. See our services section for a complete overview.

  • Get support with everything from proactive planning and coordination to compliance and day-to-day paperwork with our fleet management services.
  • It’s easy to schedule work to help cut downtime, control the cost of repairs and extend the life of your fleet and equipment with our service, maintenance and repair service. Use our network of garages or, if you can’t get to us, our mobile technicians can come to you for a range of services.
  • Waiting for the delivery of a new model? No problem. Just rent one from us while you wait. We offer short, medium and long-term solutions, giving you flexibility and peace of mind.
  • Work with our vehicle design and build team to create vehicles that help you improve your service and save on running costs.
  • We make it straightforward to meet new laws, health and safety policies and environmental directives.
  • Find ways to maximise performance and minimise costs with our technology. It shows you the fastest routes to allocate jobs out to the right engineer, so your team can get to call-outs quickly and fix problems fast.

Get in touch

We’ll work with you to create the package you need. To find out how we can help you provide more reliable services, meet regulatory requirements and keep customers happy, get in touch with our team.