A one-stop service

A telecommunications fleet was where it all started for us. With a 33,000-vehicle fleet of our own, we have a head start on understanding exactly which services add to the smooth, cost-efficient, effective running of your fleet – and knowing how best to deliver them for you. Today, we work with leading telecomms providers including BT and Openreach.

We’ll help you to:

  • Make sure your vehicles are available, and equipment is reliable
  • Design them for the specialist needs of your industry
  • Safeguard employees

The right vehicles for the job

We’ll help you run and maintain a high-performing fleet that does all the jobs it needs to. When you have to move quickly on emergency repairs to systems, cables and more, we understand the importance of knowing you have the vehicles and the equipment available. It means one source for your plant and ancillaries as well as equipment you’ll have on trailers. One source for kitting them out for whatever you deal with, whether that’s new generators or lifting equipment. We’ll provide what you need, plus the back-up servicing, maintenance, repairs and testing for it all, including LOLER testing.

The complete fleet management solution

We understand the challenges you face and the solutions that can help you overcome them. We can even provide a fleet management service for less than the cost of doing it in-house. With Rivus, you can select just the support you want, from planning input to the everyday paperwork.

  • To help you cut downtime, control repair costs and make the most of your fleet and equipment, check out our service, maintenance and repair services. If you can’t get to us, we have mobile technicians who can come to you for a range of services.
  • Need vehicles while you’re waiting for new/additional ones to be delivered? You can rent from us while you wait. For the flexibility you need, choose from short, medium and long-term solutions.
  • Get more peace of mind on compliance, with support to meet new laws, health and safety policies and environmental directives – you can keep track of paperwork we’ve organised for you on your Rivus portal.
  • From tracking vehicle performance to easily organising maintenance and much more, we’ve carefully designed our technology to make your fleet life easier. It shows you the fastest routes to allocate jobs out to the right engineer, so your team can get to call-outs quickly and fix problems fast.

Adapt your fleet

You might already know the specification you need. In which case, our design and build teams can work with you to create vehicles that help you improve your service and save on running costs. If you’re not sure what would work best or how to maximise storage space, talk to us. Our team will make sure you achieve the perfect design. We’ll also bring in trusted experts if you have specialist needs – and whatever services you have from us, you’ll have the convenience of just one regular bill rather than having to deal with paperwork from lots of suppliers.

Get in touch

We’ll work with you to create the package you need. To find out how we can help you provide more reliable services, meet regulatory requirements and keep customers happy, get in touch with our team.