Sustainability and CSR

Create a greener future

What will your fleet of the future look like? As the motor industry goes through the biggest change since the introduction of the internal combustion engine, our aim is to give you the data you need to make informed decisions. That’s why we test new technologies, such as hydrogen-powered and plug-in vehicles, using our own staff in real-life conditions. As we normally test new tech for a period of 12 months, our knowledge of low-carbon vehicles is second to none.

The knowledge to support you

If you move to low carbon vehicles and a greener fleet, we have the experience, data and facilities in place to support you. We already provide service, maintenance and repair to several alternative fuel vehicle manufacturers in the UK. You’ll be able to use our garage network with the confidence that we’re already working with new technologies to help you move towards a more sustainable future.

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Helping you to control emissions, protect the environment and reduce costs by:

  • Looking at fuel efficiency across your fleet for the whole term of ownership, including any degradation to performance over time
  • Providing data to support your journey planning, so you can have optimum payload weights throughout your fleet
  • Providing guidance on how you can best adhere to environmental legislation and integrating this with your procurement of the right vehicles
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Paperless garages…

    For quicker access to the information you need, and a key part of our commitment to greener working, we digitise all documents, giving you access to your maintenance records at a click of a button. You’ll get real-time data analytics and instant online feedback back from our garage teams, who all have tablets.
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