Continuing our focus on women in leadership, we spoke to our Senior Customer Relationship Manager, Nicola Carter!

Article 13 Mar 2021

Nicola Carter works at Rivus Fleet Solutions in Birmingham as our senior customer relationship manager. She has worked in the automotive industry since leaving school, and amassed huge experience across several sectors.

Read Nicola Carter’s full interview here.

Q. What is your job?

I am a senior customer relationship manager looking after a team of four people – three customer relationship managers and a customer experience executive.

Q: How did you get into the business?

When I was 18 I started working for ATS Euromaster in its breakdown control centre, supporting HGVs. I worked in various roles at ATS and eventually got a job as a project manager. This provided me with some useful skills that I was able to transfer to other fleet businesses. Next, I worked for CFC Solutions as a project manager and then moved into new business and following that, account management supporting companies that used our fleet management software. I moved to Fraikin as a strategic business development manager and then on to BT Fleet. In my new business role at BT Fleet I won some of the customers I still manage today and made the natural progression into my current role.

Q: What are the best bits of your job?

The diversity of what each day brings and the various customers I get to work with. It’s really interesting understanding their businesses and how we can support them. I also enjoy working with the team at Rivus to be able to shape processes and help improve the way we work.

Q: Would you encourage other females to explore a career in the business?

I would say that Rivus is a great place to work. There are many women in leadership positions, which is something that you probably wouldn’t have seen in the automotive sector 10 years
ago. There is no limit to the opportunities that come up every day within an ever-changing industry; for example, electric vehicles, alternative fuels, app-based technology… all of these areas are fairly new to the industry and I expect that evolution to continue. If there is something that you want you need to be strong, push past the men and go for it!

Q: What are your future plans – which jobs do you have your eye on?

My ideal next step would be to a director role or head of department. I have worked in account management and new business for almost 20 years, so this would be the natural area of career progression, but I’m always keen to look at opportunities that just stretch my skills and provide a daily challenge.