Beat the autumn MOT rush

News 9 Sep 2020

We’re expecting record demand for MOTs this autumn.

Twice as many people as usual will need an MOT in September, October and November. This means garages across the country will be extremely busy.

Beat the rush – get your test done now.

There’s an easy fix. Get your MOT done without delay and keep your vehicles safe. We invite you to do this at any Rivus garage throughout the UK, each one having the highly-skilled technicians and infrastructure necessary to MOT whatever vehicles you run in your fleet,

If you want to keep your annual MOT date the same, it’s worth knowing you can book an MOT test with us up to a month minus a day before yours is due to expire, and you can still keep your renewal date. So if your test is due in September, consider booking with us in August instead – we’ll make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and you won’t have to worry about getting your MOT done for another year.

Of course, if you absolutely cannot move your MOT forward from autumn, we’ll do our very best to fit you in. But if you can, please do think about getting your test done soon to stay safe on the roads and beat the autumn rush.